The Rich Girls are a Dallas, TX based 6 piece band dedicated to performing the music of Hall & Oates, PRINCE, 80s classics AND MORE at all the best parties and venues!


Cheyenne Schweitzer - Lead Tenor always, Electric Axe occasionally

Kevin Howard - Piano Protagonist, Ivory Tickler

Tony Webb - Electric Guitar soloist extreme

Karen Young - The Black & Whites, Delicious Charmonies

Justin Young - Remix Bass, Dude Charmonies

Ed Chaney - Snare, Toms, High Hat, but most especially Kick


"You can't be a Hall & Oates cover band without bringing the party, and the Rich Girls do just that...They have serious music chops, too; look no further than the ease with which they switch to their alter ego band, Prince tribute the Beautiful Ones, to see that."

- Dallas Observer, The 10 Best Cover Bands in Dallas-Fort Worth, 2016


"How could you go wrong with infectious '80s jams played by talented Dallas musicians? You can't. So go see the Rich Girls."

-Dallas Observer, The Best Cover Bands in Dallas, 2015


"The Rich Girls is a Hall & Oates tribute band."



"This is one of those bands that you watch and a smile is permanently etched on your face. They are that good and that much fun! And they dig into other material besides H&O. Last night they pulled Prince out!"

- Albert Madriaga, lead singer, Cheers for Fears